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Milaniwood Pick Up Sticks


Milaniwood is a toy company founded in Milan, Italy in 1924.   Their aim is to create educational toys that are both contemporary but are also beautiful keepsake pieces.  Almost 100 years on, and their toys remain 100% Italian made.

The traditional game of pick up sticks have been added an extra dimension by Milaniwood’s designers. These sets of wooden sticks are almost sculptural when not in use and packing up is almost as much fun as playing. Can you make the sticks stand?

The game itself tests your hand/eye co-ordination as you attempt to remove a stick with any of the others moving. Will you risk removing a stick with a higher score although it is not as safe a move as one with a lower score?

Ages 5+

INCLUDES: A set of 50 wooden sticks in 3 colours with wooden ring presented in a canvas string bag.