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Tipu Trunki Ride on Suitcase


Brand Trunki

Trunki was designed to take the boredom out of travelling for little people. Kids can pack all their treasures into their Trunki and carry them on board. And the Trunki’s wheels means tired little legs can ride aboard its back towed happily by mum or dad.

Tipu is named after the Hindi word for Tiger. As well as all the usual Trunki features, he has ferocious stripes and cute little whiskers

Trunki's feature:

Locking catches
Teddy bear seatbelts
Bits pouch
Two carry handles
Secret compartments
Multifunctional carry-tow strap
Passport for downloadable activities

Product Dimensions:

Height (mm): 310 Length (mm) : 460 Width (mm) : 215 Weight (kg) : 1.65